Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday for February 12, 2014

This is Bitsy.
Who needs one person to refrain her from..
while the other tries to groom her.
We very affectionately call her
Kaitlyn, our amazing groomer, being so patient as the technician and I giggle.
Bitsy wants sooo badly to bite those scissors!
Two very obedient dogs visit the clinic.
This is Kimo and Dudley
Slow motion snapshots of..
What I call the 
He was here last Tuesday for his neuter.
Yes, this is him a few hours after his neuter.
Here he demonstrates that it is not a painful procedure and most dogs recover very quickly.
I have had the immense pleasure of seeing these two girls grow up.
They were adopted separately but are now best buddies and an absolute joy to watch.
They were here Tuesday for their spays.
Abby is awake on the left, and Lexi is still waking up on the right.

Dr. Hubbard is helping this Harford County Humane Society puppy
(who was just adopted last week!!YIPPEEE!!),
with his bilateral severe ear hematomas.
His blog will be done shortly.
What a face!

This is Gerty, a Boxer with a corneal ulcer we have been fighting with for weeks.
She came in on Tuesday for debridement and a keratotomy.
I saw her again on Sunday..

adopted a few weeks ago from the Humane Society with his brother Leo.
Leo died two weeks ago, and I am still so upset about it that I cannot write his story yet.

Rocky came in to get his last kitten shots.
He is the most confident, playful, inquisitive little boy, and I just adore him.
We were hit with a snow storm last Monday, and then an ice storm last Tuesday that left us out of power until yesterday (8 days in total). To say it was exhausting and stressful is an understatement. 14 inches is expected again tonight.

Coming to work to get some degree of normalcy back was the best way to cope with the cold and the difficulty of keeping pets warm and safe, and the house pipes from freezing.
Thanks to my family, friends, and dear clients who share their pets unconditional love with me.
I might be cold, dirty, and tired, but Wendy reminds me that I have the best job in the world.

Nothing is ever so bad that a dog kiss can't fix it.
Love you Wendy!

This is Chance, who I saw Thursday night.
Chance had waited his whole life to catch a squirrel.
This is the beating he got when he caught one.
Chance 0 squirrel 1.

Chloe, whose smile can melt even the coldest of wintery days.

Two Fridays in a row I came in on my day off to help a pet in dire need.
Both pets died even though their lifesaving surgery went well.
This is Coco. Her story is here.
Next to worrying about frozen pipes in the house while we waited for the electric to be restored, was the stress of keeping Savannah warm. I tried to keep her with me at my parents house, who had their power and a very warm house, but she was a wreck in an unfamiliar environment. So I spent the nights at home getting up every few hours to make sure she was blanketed down and warm. Here she is loving and chowing down on homemade lasagna my dad made.

This is a photo sent to me from Little Ones new mom.
He is soo loved and we couldn't be more happy for him!
His story is coming soon.

Gerty on Sunday!
5 days after her corneal debridement and her eye is looking soo much better!

Keenen, one of the sources for the Von Willebrands blog,
singing to us to plea for release the day of his neuter


Maggie, here for a visit with her mom yesterday.
She and her mom are not only dear friends they inspire me to
smile in the face of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.
I love being at a place in my life where I am surrounded by friends
and animals who I love and get to share this life with.

Maggie always reminds me of a cheerleader/Vegas show girl.
Her tail is one constantly moving pom pom,
her ears are these colossal fans of hair, and the mohawk, and she's always smiling!

Just priceless!

Living proof that adopting a  non-pedigree can provide the most adorable pet imaginable.
She came from Boxer Transfer Network.
That face is irresistible!

It was a hard week, but I ended it with Chloe.
She and her dad are why we say that "dogs are truly mans best friend."
There is nothing but love and really who needs anything else?
(OK, I seriously was happy to get power back, though).

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

We are expecting a foot of snow tonight. Please remember to keep yourself and your pets warm and safe.
Spring will come soon!

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