Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This little guy was the subject of intense excitement when he made the mistake of flying around our house early one morning. If we had had the time to get out the video camera we would have had some laughable footage as two adults try to corral four cats who thought that they had hit the lottery and an old dog who is stuck in the middle of the mayhem and oblivious to know what to do about it.
Everyone got out safely, and remarkably unscathed. But if you are the husband of a veterinarian it is hard to be the hero. When he asked me if "I needed his help to catch the bat?" I know I shot him a "are you crazy?" look back. I'm the one vaccinated against rabies and I'm the one who can safely, gently catch a critter without anyone getting injured.

This is Beau.
His family is having a difficult time now and
I just wanted to say that"they are in my thoughts and prayers."

Savannah got herself some new all terrain running shoes this week.
Look out she can motor now!

Bella, she make look little at 3-1/2 pounds but she thinks that she is fierce!

Abigail, who can be coaxed into saying hello IF you have a treat..
She is so scruffy and frizzy that you just have to smile!

Magpie, who hunts my feet in the bathroom..

Max, the subject for tomorrow's blog, came on for a re-check.


and her sister Bella

Nothing makes me smile bigger than a dog who comes in with a muzzle..

But leaves as a friend.
This is Gracie

Who was mis-labeled as a "bite risk" because
she bit someone who touched her while she slept in the shelter.
She is deaf, (as are almost ALL white cats with TWO blue eyes),
and she reacted as most deaf pets due to a fearful stimuli.
As pets loose their hearing, or sight, it is important to wake them up with a stomp on the floor,
or a gentle jostle of their bed and not touching them.
They react as if they were being attacked (and really how can they know the difference?) and attack back. Wouldn't you do the same?


Monday's surgeries;
three sphinx kitten neuters, which ALWAYS takes us ten times longer than it should
because we can't stop kissing and cuddling them!

waking up.

Because of Monday's short surgery schedule I got home early to spend some quality time with my critters.
They love sitting in the sun..only tough part is sharing.

Magpie gives Charlie a kiss..
I don't think he was too flattered.



Wren and Magpie listen intently as a woodpecker (outside thank goodness!)
tries to hide a seed in the logs of our kitchen.

Hope everyone had a good week! Spring is coming, I think?

If you have a pet question you can find me at the clinic, Jarrettsville Vet, or on, or even Twitter @FreePetAdvice.

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