Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bowl-A-Rama 2012

Every year the Harford County Humane Society throws its annual Bowl-A-Rama to raise money for their shelter animals.
Jarrettsville Vet participates every year.

We invite the whole staff, take up as many lanes as we can, and bowl until our wrists give out.

This year we decided to dress up, and as you can see everyone participated.

I want to Thank the staff for coming out and helping to raise money for our counties animal shelter.

We all had a great time!

Some Updates

This week was "Old Home Week," because we had a lot of old friends visiting.

Everyone is doing great! So I thought it would be fun to share their news and some updated photos.

Links to their original stories are provided after their updates and after each of their photos.

If there is anyone else you are curious about just ask. I am happy to keep their stories alive and updated.

Here's an update on Di, the dachshund with the mast cell tumor. She is our first patient that we have tried Kinavet, the new MCT drug on. She came in on Wednesday for her weekly re-check. She is doing great! And as you can see, her tumor is now almost undetectable.

Here is Di's story;

Here's Nina. The Rottie rescued by Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. She is one of our receptionists dogs now, and she is still all smiles!

She is doing great too, (although she is a little greyer around the muzzle. But, really, aren't we all?).
Here is her story, for those of you that missed it;

Here is Blue's update. He was neutered on Wednesday. He is now 8.5 pounds and still a little rambuctious, wild thing. He is all personality! We had a heck of a time getting his i.v. catheter in, and it lasted exactly as long as his neuter did and then he had it out like lightening.
He is also a "coo-er"..(Just like my little Wren). He doesn't really meow or speak. He makes these little "Prrrrrr..." noises. that sound a bit like he is trying to demand a question be answered..They are usually in the form of, "HEY, I'M OVER HERE! COME VISIT! BRING FOOD! AND GET ME OUT OF THIS GOD-FORSAKEN CAGE!

I.v. catheter in place, five minutes before he was neutered.

Blue, with his mom, seconds after he was neutered. Still a little groggy.

Fully recovered from his neuter. Playing with his toy fox, and full of the devil again, and still wondering why he is in a cage?
Here is his amazing story, just in case you missed it.

Sadie was visiting for the day on Wednesday too. She wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a picture that was in focus.She goes into her cage to play with her toys, and tries to coax us all in there with her. She doesn't quite understand that we don't fit in it.
Here is her incredible story;

On a sad note, my mom lost her Jack Russell Mix shelter dog Lilly yesterday. Lilly was a miracle many times over and she had a wonderful life of love and luxury while she lived with my parents. She was a sweet, gentle, Eeyore-like pup. It was hard to resist her bashfully shy demeanor. She was a slow, slouchy, but happy-to-be-outside with her nose to the ground spirit. She went everywhere with my mom and it is hard to imagine her not coming with us to the beach this summer as she always did. She loved the beach, the crabs, and the wind in her face. Lilly survived being left at the shelter, Cushing's disease, and then Addison's disease. She was a lucky girl and she will be missed.

Carolla, Outer Banks, with the family. 2006

Easter at our house, 2008